The Pratt Institute Center for Community and Environmental Development (PICCED) has been in service to the community for over thirty years. It was established in 1963 to create a partnership between Pratt Institute's Department of City and Regional Planning and local organizations that were struggling to address issues of urban deterioration and poverty.  PICCED grew out of the Institute's belief that an integral part of its mission as an urban university was to provide community-based organizations in low-income neighborhoods throughout New York City with access to the technical resources of its faculty, staff, and students...   continue Christian School Online with guarantees Looking for premium quality service? It's all here! Order now!

 Overview     Mission     History  

   PICCED's Statement of principles for New York's Recovery following  9/11/01 


PICCED Showcase

Digital Elevation Model, Brooklyn GIS Ronald Shiffman, Executive Director PICCED  

Training & Education
Rebuild New York Summer Graduate Studio Course Offerings from Pratt GCPE (Acrobat Pdf)

Maproom Project Gallery
Kingsbridge Armory Project, PPAC

Kingsbridge Armory Virtual Tour

ENY Urban Youth Corp & Housing Works  AIDS Day Treatment Program

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Pratt Planning
& Architectural

  Virtual Ossining - Rendered Digital Elevation Model, GIS
Arizona Demographic Map, GIS


Meet the people of PICCED


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Geographical Information Systems

Demographic Studies- NYC Childcare Needs Assessment
Pratt Area Building Footprint, GIS Manufacturing, Land Use & Zoning Initiative NYC

Policy Analysis & Advocacy            Manufacturing Land Use & Zoning Initiative "Making It In New York"

What's New  

    Greenroofs Conference

 Comments on Lower Manhattan Development Corporation Draft Assistance Plan for Individuals

Community Profiles- Sunset Park 197a Plan
Interior Design, PPAC Community Workshop, El Puente
Technical Assistance  


Donate to PICCED, a non-profit (501-c3) organization

Architecture-ENY Housing Works
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Pratt Institute Center for Community and Environmental Development (PICCED) 379 DeKalb Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11205

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  Overview     Mission     History 

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