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Technical Assistance at PICCED

  • PICCED's Architectural and Planning Portfolio:


    Technical Assistance at PICCED

    PICCED provides technical assistance in the areas of architecture and planning to community-based nonprofits to build and sustain the economic, social and physical infrastructure of their communities.

    PICCED's community planning services enable localities to develop comprehensive strategies for the sustainable revitalization of their communities. We assist in the integration of social and human infrastructure issues - access to social services, health care, education, employment, training, recreational amenities and day care -- into their operating programs and sustainable development activities.

    PICCED's capacity to launch innovative program models has had a substantial impact in the New York region where, for example, it has helped dozens of local organizations to initiate community-based housing programs such as linked-development, cross-subsidy and a range of tenant-controlled and owner-occupied housing innovations.

    Project-specific services are carried out by the Pratt Planning and Architectural Collaborative (PPAC), a related but independent entity. PPAC helps local groups to undertake neighborhood surveys and needs assessments, identify sites and shepherd projects through the complex development process. Architectural assistance includes schematic design, the development of construction documents and construction phase monitoring. PPAC is often called upon to provide pre-development services, and thus becomes the catalyst for packaging the public and private resources necessary for getting projects off the ground.

    PPAC's staff includes architects, planners, financial packaging specialists with extensive experience in planning and building affordable and special needs housing (over 5000 units to date), community health care and day care facilities, schools, and economic development projects. Our architectural work has included moderate rehabilitation to preserve occupied buildings as tenant-controlled affordable housing, innovative designs for SRO and affordable family housing, the first new building to provide housing and services for people with AIDS and HIV in Brooklyn, and a community cultural and commercial center in the Bronx. PPAC planners have helped grassroots coalitions to prepare community plans, create new zoning districts, plan and finance Section 202 housing for senior citizens, and create innovative financial packages to create and preserve affordable housing.

    PPAC's assistance ranges from project-specific, fee-for-service contracts for financial packaging or full architectural and construction monitoring services, to pro-bono consultations with groups in the early planning stages of projects, and interventions on behalf of community and tenant organizations faced with building-related crisis situations. We are particularly committed to working with grassroots organizations who need assistance in developing innovative projects that may ultimately become models for others. We have helped many organizations to develop the preliminary designs, construction cost estimates, and project budgets that have enabled them to move their projects forward, even in the present environment of fiscal austerity.

    Over the past 30 years, PICCED's comprehensive technical assistance services have been an invaluable resource to community-based organizations with limited budgets and staff expertise. Without access to the professional services offered by the Pratt Center, hundreds of innovative projects may not have been realized. In the past ten years, PICCED staff have been responsible for the planning, design and construction of affordable housing and community facilities worth over $70 million.

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