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Rebuild Downtown Our Town (R.Dot) Coalition  

GIS Portfolio 2001

PICCED's Statement of Principles for New York's Recovery  

In the coming weeks and months, New York City will undertake the heroic work of rebuilding.  It is clear that the tragedy of September 11 will not only affect the financial district of Lower Manhattan, but will have far-reaching impacts throughout the City and Region; it is equally clear that recovering will demand commitment and sacrifice from every New Yorker.  It is imperative that our response be informed by values of inclusion, democracy, and transparency, and that it address the needs of all who live and work in the region.

During the past few weeks, PICCED has been invited to participate in discussions convened by representatives of the many sectors who are assessing the issues raised by the attack and the recovery process. We have been contacted by elected officials at the City, State, and Federal levels, by civic organizations and by researchers - but above all, by community-based organizations who have been engaged in struggles for social, economic, and environmental justice, and who are concerned about the short- and long-term impacts the events of September 11 will have on low-income neighborhoods and communities of color. 

From the discussions we have convened or participated in to date, key principles that must inform the recovery effort are becoming clear. As well, specific ways in which PICCED can work to actualize those principles are beginning to emerge. 

January 2, 2002



MAKING IT IN NEW YORK:  Manufacturing, Land Use & Zoning Initiative

PICCED and the Municipal Art Society will release a major Land Use and
Zoning Study of New York's Manufacturing Areas on June 28, 2001. They will be
joined by Environmental Justice Organizations, Community Based Development
groups and Manufacturing Advocates to propose major revisions to NYC Zoning
and Development Practices.

In a unique and precedent setting action, community-based organizations,
manufacturers and manufacturing advocates, environmental justice
organizations and real estate professionals, trade associations and unions
joined forces with MAS and the Pratt Institute Center for Community and
Environmental Development to put forth a comprehensive set of land use and
zoning recommendations.

The recommendations are based on the most exhaustive study of manufacturing
areas of New York City in over a decade. The groups comprising this emerging
coalition, who are often at odds with each other, are calling for a sweeping
reform of the City's zoning, land use and program initiatives that affect
manufacturing zones and other areas presently occupied by manufacturing uses.

The recommendations, which are based on a study of eight prototypical manufacturing
areas in the City, link economic development and job creation and retention objectives with environmental health and justice objectives. The study is comprised of three volumes including an executive summary that will be available online on June 28, 2001 at 4 PM.

 NYC  Manufacturing Land Use  & Zoning Initiative: 6/28/01

ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES: Beyond Brownfields Conference

Proceedings form the Beyond Brownfields Conference Held in October 2000 was released on August 15, 2001. 


CLICK HERE FOR INFO ON THE October 2000 "BEYOND    BROWNFIELDS" CONFERENCE    (Click here for Adobe Acrobat Reader)


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